Analysis – Strategies and business plans

A good action plan with measurable well-defined targets and thought-over solutions is the basis of any communication.
  • (…) na szczególną uwagę zasługują kreatywność PLUM (…), nieprzeciętne umiejętności komunikacyjne oraz dobre zrozumienie potrzeb klienta.

    Andrzej Rykdyrektor marketingu, Presspublica


How to plan a long-range activity online?

Continuous development of the Internet may suggest that drawing up long range strategies is impossible. When everything changes, how is it possible to plan activities over a period of many months or years ahead? How is it justifiable from the business perspective? Is the strategic approach an effective one?


Define directions and implement them in a flexible way

A good communication strategy online should help define priorities, target groups and leave room for a little flexibility as for specific implementations. In the face of changing technologies and new interactive opportunities and possibilities one must be ready for a never ending development of communication devices and tools. Otherwise the brand may lose its touch with the customer. Thus, an effective communication strategy should enable a rational and informed choice of online novelties. It should define unchangeable objectives and in this way show which solutions are worth investing in and which ones will not be beneficial businesswise.


Benchmark – environment analysis

Development and innovations consist in good synchronization between the new elements and the ones already in operation. An analysis of competitive services and online environment both in Poland and globally is a must for a good solution to be created. Creating tools that go against customers’ old habits does not give a brand competitive edge.
We have thousands of Polish and global examples at our disposal. We find ideas in all corners of the world in a wide range of disciplines and at the same time we keep in mind that new solutions must reflect and follow existing habits.

Strategic pillars – goals and target groups

Well thought-over and defined business objectives and measurement methods are at the very foundation of any strategy. We always aim at discriminating between awareness, image and sales goals on the backdrop of a brand life cycle. The other pillar is a precise, accurate definition of a target group and its location online. Drawing on surveys and studies we create a demographic and behavioral profile of potential customers.

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