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Effective services mean efficient communication tools with the users.
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  • Zaproponowano nam wiele rozwiązań, które wpłynęły na pozytywny odbiór naszej strony przez klientów.

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How to have the user stay on your site?

Many come but few stay – this is the nature of current online users. Attractive content, appealing design and clarity of form are the milestones to success which means user’s attention. The first impression is essential. Within a fraction of a second the user evaluates the site and has a definite opinion about the service. To maintain a good impression, you must constantly inspire action instead of complicated navigation.

Over the years we have worked out a number of tools that effectively analyze and improve services in terms of user-friendliness.


Unblock, streamline, improve!

The aim is to define what may hinder the users on their way. It is often a small change, like a change in font type or the key icon, that is enough to make a substantial improvement to the service. The work on the project broken up into stages is the most efficient: first we remove all the obvious errors, then we carry out tests with users and look for more subtle trouble. Afterwards we design changes, implement and evaluate them.


Expert interaction analysis

The expert browses the service, takes action required by the website system like searching for a product, purchase and payment. He tests the service thoroughly and puts forward suggestions of change drawing on his experience and expertise.

Tests and interviews with control group

We carry out user friendliness tests on a group of clients, which are to simulate real life service usage. During tests we give users tasks to perform and we record their activity. The results of supervision and interviews with the client are confronted with the expert knowledge. Out of experience we know that each test carried out brings about breakthrough conclusions and substantially improves the effectiveness of the service tailoring process.

Heat map analysis of mouse movements and clicks

Can you navigate the mouse without looking at the cursor? Probably not, as there is a tight connexion between the movements of the cursor and the ones of the eye.
Heat map is a visual representation of typical areas where users move their cursor. The warmer the tone the higher number of users move their cursors in the area. Thanks to this data we may easily define the best locations for placing priority elements like sale, information, links or banners. In this way we make it easier for the service to reach its aims.

Analysis of hit records

The system we use in research gathers and collects the activity of user onsite. In this way it follows real, actual behaviors of online users. Each session is recorded in a separate file and may be retrieved and watched as a film. It in turn enables a detailed and deep analysis and accurate interpretation of obtained results. Thus records are the basis for further solutions.

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