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Thanks to the tools for analyzing users’ needs you will learn what your
potential clients actually want and what their purchasing preferences are.
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Where from and why do the users find their way to your www service?

Getting to know clients well is the key to successful business targets, regardless of the branch or market. Based on such knowledge it is possible to clearly define target groups, watch their interests and design effective marketing solutions. Where and how to look for this knowledge?


Research, draw conclusions, develop your business!

Good research must be designed with a view to business usefulness. Then it must be carried out in line with marketing studies methodology followed by necessary multilayered data analysis. Only then is it possible to interpret results and prepare recommendations on streamline business processes. This is not the end, though, as the constantly changing world requires a continuous monitoring of users’ behaviors. This is how we work. As everybody knows, those who do not go forward in fact go backwards and it is also very true about the knowledge concerning online users.


Needs analysis Q&As

We have developed our own system of Q&A research, thanks to which we get 65-75% Q&A that are fully filled in. Users are willing to share their ideas and remarks when answering open questions. We are very careful when it comes to interpreting results. We know that methodology may profoundly influence study results so we eliminate such risk at the designing stage. Our analysis focuses on each target group separately. We are able to filter results for a given age group, for a declared target group or any other parameter to discriminate users.

Google Analytics

Advanced statistical research is the best way to analyze www users’ behaviors. We specialize in analyzing data from Google Analytics. Frequently statistics analysis is identified with registering basic indices, such as hits and browsing. However, skillful and thorough interpretation of statistics will result in a clear scheme of users’ behaviors, marketing effects and potential flaws onsite. We are capable of using statistics to show strengths and weaknesses of a service when it comes to promotion and site traffic.

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