Analysis – Information categorization and structure

We categorize content in WWW services so that the user does not feel lost and finds what he has come for. Regardless of the service size.


How to build up a clear and transparent WWW service?

There is no time for losing track online. The user should in no time be able to see the structure, go straight to the needed information and continue searching while feeling in control all the time. All the most important places and content must be available within two-three clicks.


Analyze, optimize, verify!

Thanks to research and various techniques and know-how, we define the optimal architecture of the www service. On this base we prepare mock platforms ready for action. We then verify whether our bracketing was accurate. Thanks to opinion polls the right structure of categories that suits users may be defined and checked. From time to time a change of name or place of a category is a key for successful communication online with users.


Service analysis

Analytical work starts with gathering data concerning movement on the site. Information on the number of service users and how they move about, provides great knowledge about the existing information architecture. In this way we get a springboard for future work and development.

Card sorting

It is a technique that users play the roles of experts. In turn all the categories of the service are written down on individual cards. We pick out a dozen or so average users who are meant to demonstrate how they would structure the service appropriately. In this way we get to know users’ expectations as to the architecture of information.

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