Analysis – Interactive mock-service design and Axure prototypes

Check how to minimize the risk and implement a fully functional service quicker than you ever imagined.
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How can I check the service in operation before it is created?

You have a vision of a new service? You think about implementing it? You are afraid of the costs and a lengthy process? You are concerned how to attract users for long so that competition does not take them away? The internet gives users great freedom of movement between services. Once discouraged the user is often lost for ever.


Try out the service before implementing

Do not experiment on a living organism. Make use of interactive mock services and specify functionality factors prior to site launch. Thanks to this after the service is online your potential clients will get a fully functional version. Interactions will be effective instantly and this in turn will help minimize the risk of users going away and maximize chances for business success.


Interactive mock services of Axure

With Axure RP software we create interactive and clickable projects of specific subsites with a detailed description of how the components work. The product is the HTML type model of a site and a Word document describing in detail and individually each element of the system.

The description of how the service operates is the foundation of an effective implementation. Interaction between the user and the service requires user friendliness, transparency and esthetics.

Functionality specifications

Specification contains a comprehensive description of all the service construction aspects that influence a successful and effective operation of individual functionalities.

  • defining and describing the system elements and individual functionalities,
  • defining requirements concerning user friendliness and service architecture,
  • defining guidelines relating to brand image and graphic design.,
  • description of service in operation.

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