Implementation – Digitizing resources

We are facing the biggest challenge in the history of digital technologies. We have an opportunity to make Poland a leader in digitizing cultural heritage resources and our children will have a chance to learn about the works of art and science that we had never had access to.
  • Rękopis Mickiewicza? Listy Twoich pradziadków zesłanych z Syberii? Przetłumaczymy je na język internetu!


From generation to generation only a fraction of human knowledge is passed on. What can be done to prevent humanity from repeating the same old mistakes again and again? How to have children get to know the achievements of their forefathers? Is it possible to present all the great treasures of Polish culture without the need to visit old, dusty, derelict library buildings?

Yes. We do it regularly.


We are the only agency in Poland with such a comprehensive portfolio in digitizing cultural resources. We have taken care of Chopin works, now we are working on digitizing the resources of “Kultura”, a famous and major opinion leader publication in Polish post war culture and politics run by Jerzy Giedroyć. As patriots we defend the works of our compatriots from oblivion.


Categorizing resources

We study and categorize resources. We draw up the map of connections and the digitization architecture that show the best, logical works framework.

Providing online access to resources

Depending on the source material, we select the appropriate methodology of processing and digitizing. We take care that online material is of the highest quality. This is why we check every single scan in terms of legibility and transparency. We also keep pace with the art advancements in world cultural resources digitization to make use of the most recent technological gimmicks.

Archiving and sorting out digitized resources

Once worked out information architecture enables us to create the right tools for sorting out data. And the right methods of tagging and categorizing make both archiving process and browsing digitalized resources faster.

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