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E-mailing is one of the most efficient e-sales tools. It is also perfect for increasing loyalty of existing clients and educating the market. Under certain conditions, though.
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How to design mailing that sells?

What should effective e-mailing consist of? Who should be the target? How should it be named? When should it be sent? Where to place call for action? All these elements, and many more, are absolutely critical when it comes to mailing effectiveness. It is highly unlikely that all of them will come in place and in tune by chance.


Structure mailing according to well tested principles

Mailing is one of these marketing forms that reaches the addressee instantly. It may also be personalized and offers unlimited creative possibilities. Cost of reaching a target group is low and ‘clickability’ is around 15%. Mailing may become of business value, but only after certain conditions regarding content, form and technical requirements are met. Do you know which words to avoid in the ‘from’ field? How many words should the title have? Which forms of mailing rather discourage and which ones encourage clients? Where is the right place for an open question? How should the signature look? We know it all.


Client base segmentation

Efficient mailing requires well defined addressee bases. Mailing will be prepared and structured differently for women, men, the elderly, the youth, keen automobile lovers and those crazy about fashion. Segmented data bases are the key to reach the right people with the right information. Our data bases are prepared in line with demographic and behavioral data, which enables us to make well-tailored e-mail offer of specific products and services.

AB Tests

Apart from comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience at e-mailing, each and every time we do tests. We draw up a few creations, we do the mailing and we monitor what happens to them. We draw conclusions from reports and we revamp concepts. Thanks to this approach, a well-structured campaign is carried out in line with the most business effective solutions.

Reporting mailing quality

We make use of well-known and tested mailing systems. Owing to them we prepare correctly coded mails that open up without trouble in all mailbox types and online browsers. Moreover, active monitoring makes it possible to define precisely what is the history of each mail that has been sent. Has it reached the addressee? Was it read? Did the transfer to the required site take place? We know virtually everything.

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