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Online advertising turns out to be unbeatable when it comes to monitoring its effects and how well it is profiled. No other type is as good in precise aiming at target groups. The share of online advertising is growing year on year.
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How to design an effective online advertising campaign?

Televison, radio, internet – regardless of the medium, advertisements raise mixed feelings. There are advertisements, though, that not only avoid teasing or irritating watchers but attract and fascinate. There are also those that fetch measurable business successes and the internet is a very strong medium for the latter. What is the recipe for an efficient e-advertisement? How to prepare well an advertising campaign?


Define well both your aims and target group

Effectiveness here is all about understanding the purpose of advertising. Awareness, image building and sales advertising are not only different in message but also their effects are measured differently. A second pillar of successful advertising is the most accurate and precise definition of a target group. The internet is second to none in targeting, which means reaching the right, specific users. It can be done against a wide range of features including sex, age, place of residence or online behaviors.


Google advertising

Google products are used by over 90% of internet users, with the browser on top. We apply all the existing advertising formats of Google: AdWords, AdSense, Product Listing Ads and remarketing. Depending on format Google advertising aims at sales objectives or image goals. We are Google partner in AdWords. We will prepare for you successful and efficient campaigns in line with the needs of your business. We are absolutely positive about it – we have been doing it for 6 years (references on demand).

Facebook Ads

The most popular social service in the world gives enormous possibilities for advertising. About a billion registered users with around 15 million in Poland (data as of March 2014) are a huge pool of potential Clients.

Visual advertising

It offers great opportunities of content location, from plain text to complex multimedia projects. It has a double marketing potential – it leads to a new site but itself is a message as well, in its own right. We carry out both image targeted and sales campaigns, we also audit and optimize sites that advertising leads to.

On-line campaigns are done by us in various financial modes:

  • CPM (cost per thousand) – cost for 1000 ads,
  • CPC (cost per click) – cost for each click on your ad,
  • CPL ( cost per lead) – cost for the acquisition of data from the user,
  • CPA (cost per action) – cost for taking the user requested (by the advertiser) shares,
  • CPS – (cost per sale) – cost for a single sale.

We work with the following run modes:

  • RON (run on net) – emissions in the ad network,
  • ROP (run on portal) – emissions in the portal,
  • ROC (run on category) – emissions in a given thematic category,
  • ROS (run on site) – emission on the page.

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