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Clients, having read online reviews, are ready to pay far more for the product!
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How to make the offer more credible?

The growing advertising buzz brings about difficulty in standing out from the crowd with your offer. Such communication credibility also gets lower. How to fight with it? How is it possible to make your offer acceptable and stand out from among others? What will be the best tools to give an online ‘buy’ incentive to clients who got interested by the advertisement?


Brand endorsers will successfully present your offer

The biggest strength of a brand is what people say about it. The message coming out from the company is usually only the basis, a springboard, and the real marketing force lies in users’ recommendations. In a word to mouth marketing it is all about direct, face-to-face recommendation of brands, products and services. We will take care of the right online users’ opinions moderation so that it may effectively boost sales. We are experienced in supporting both online and traditional businesses.


Consumer tests

We organize tests which encourage people to try out products or services. We provide professional counseling and we openly declare that experts represent a particular brand. Next we encourage guests to share their opinions online – at brand sites, social media profiles or blogs. Consumer tests are highly important especially in case of products and services that require specialist knowledge for credible assessment. Should your business be one of the latter, by means of consumer tests we will help it go high-profile.

Discussion forums presence

We carry the word of mouth marketing according to the WOMMA code of conduct (Word of Mouth Marketing Association), wherein the most important principle is transparency. This is why we always inform that opinion leaders are representatives of particular brands. Our experience shows that transparent recommendation marketing is appreciated by users and is effective at helping the brand stand out.

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