Promotion – Positioning (SEO)

Positioning is a set of actions aimed at making the service most visible in search results online.
  • Zakres współpracy obejmował między innymi utrzymanie i rozwój serwisów internetowych [...] średnia to ponad 50% wzrostu odwiedzin rok do roku.

    Robert Noceńczłonek zarządu, Carrefour Polska


The site alone is not enough

Still a few years ago it was enough to have a site online, any sort of site. Today online business requires visibility most of all. Online browsers are the basic tool for clients, regardless of the branch of activity. How to make your website gain as much visibility as possible, then? How to make it efficiently focus online traffic around it?


Optimize, link, create content!

In fact positioning activities boil down to Google browser, and more specifically to content search algorithms. Basic instruments within SEO are optimizing, building up link backup and creating content of value -which seems fairly easy, but in practice it is a rather lengthy process demanding high skills. We have been gathering positioning experience for the last six years now.


Optimizing activity audit

We check how well the site fits in with current needs of Google search engine. We gather knowledge in this way to optimize further subsites and all the service. The audit is then an action plan for IT activities.

Creating link backup

We continually create websites with high value content, which we later on position. In this way we build back up for services that are well valued by Google. We place links that redirect to our clients’ sites from there. Thus we make them more credible.

Working with search engine friendly content

Positioning processes are to a great extent dependent upon the content onsite. We prepare texts with ‘Google likable’ syntax, length, structure and key phrase density. We bear in mind at the same time that the texts should first of all serve the users and have a strictly marketing goal.

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