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Most active users spend up to several hours a day with social media. They comment, share, chat – all these elements may be beneficial for your business.
  • Media społecznościowe to potężna fala - nie da się z nią walczyć, lepiej poruszać się z jej nurtem.

The very first blogs came into existence around the year 2000. Polish Wiki starts in 2001, originally as the independent Polish project Polska Wolna Encyklopedia Sieciowa. Since then the so called WEB 2.0 has been developing, which means services where users create content and the service itself only serves as a common platform for communication. The next milestone being the popping up of UCG (user generated content) services such as MySpace in 2004 and You Tube in 2005 where users, apart from uploading and sharing content, may interact with their followers.
Twitter and Facebook start in 2006. The latter gaining around a million newly registered users. Subsequently in 2008 Spotify, Groupon and Ping enter the market. 2009 belongs to Foursquare. 2010 is all about graphics online. Instagram and Pinterest beta come up. In 2011 Google joins social media with its Google +.
In 2012 Pheed appears. It is not very popular in Poland yet. It is still perceived as a very ambitious start-up. Its authors managed to create a tool that allows to express much more than a tweet (we may publish text, sound, images, video and even online broadcasts). The content may be shared free of charge or … defining a monthly fee. Will this model prove sustainable? Unwillingness on the part of online users to pay for content makes its potential a little bleak.
The beginning of 2013 sees Twitter start with its social media platform similar to Instagram, whose main bottom line is video content broadcast recorded by means of this application. Material may be of maximum 6 seconds long. With the crème de la crème in the form of extreme easiness in watching. Mere scrolling enables watching videos one by one automatically.
Social Media does not only mean Facebook! Where to go with the message? What to communicate? What are the expectations of online social media users and what are the most common actions taken by marketers?
We have to remember that what we say online will stay there forever. This is why before we enter this world, the world of dialogue, we should think over where, who with and how we will be communicating. Contact us and we will gladly answer all the nagging questions, we will prepare a strategy and make it possible for you to make a difference in the world of Social Media.

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