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E-commerce is the most promising source of financing for small and medium size enterprises. Well thought-over e-commerce solutions prove useful and efficient in virtually any type of business.

Sales together with a well designed loyalty programme helps create a group of loyal clients who are emotionally attached to the offer. Our offer is a comprehensive e-commerce support. We do market analyses, we prepare strategies, we implement e-shops, promote them and help them grow and develop.

  • Przez pierwsze cztery miesiące (…) agencja zoptymalizowała nasz e-sklep i przeprowadziła utrzymanie serwisu. (…) Osiągnęliśmy wymierne korzyści.

    Dr Peter Dreherczłonek zarządu, BTS


How to build an effective e-commerce?

Launching e-commerce is a piece of cake? Switching on the right module at the hosting provider, preparing product photos with descriptions is enough? Well, if it only were that simple, all the online world would be one unending shopping arcade. The e-commerce development we see seems to indicate that this may be the case in the future, but not yet. Starting an e-shop is a complex business endeavor that involves not only IT know-how but also market analyses and promotional activities. How to secure stable sales levels online? Which instruments support clients’ loyalty?


E-commerce based on facts

Effective, which means profitable e-commerce first of all requires in-depth market analyses. We will prepare for you a report on sales potential, target groups, and potential high-risk areas. Consequently, drawing on our experience, expertise and connections, we will prepare your business development strategy. We know for a fact that such a well prepared foundation makes your business far more likely to succeed. We have checked and tested it many times.


Dedicated shops

We will prepare an e-commerce tailored to your brand and business nature. Our experts will design it according to information architecture, appeal, conversion and product or service exposure. We will also take care of the graphic design so that it matches your products and underlines their uniqueness.

Shops on Magento platforms

Once you made your decision to go for e-commerce, we will present you a ready-made solution. We are specialized in Magento implementations. Magento is the most popular and reliable platform in Poland. It is used by self-employed specialists and IT market leaders.

Back office and product management bases

Our solutions support business also when it comes to controlling product flow. You will know down to a single unit how much and what type of product needs to be ordered so as to make use of storage room as effectively as possible. Thanks to us your business will develop smoothly, it will be stable and predictable.

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