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A website of one’s own is a must for a nowadays business. It is a multitasking tool enabling communication at many levels and of various types. A website means : contact with you, care for your image, sale your products.
  • Współpraca z Agencją pozwoliła nam stworzyć serwis, który odzwierciedla zakres działalności Instytutu i pozwala na szeroką komunikację z rynkiem i interesariuszami.

    Włodzimierz K. Buśkiewiczczłonek zarządu, Instytut Rozwoju Biznesu


How to create a website that will carry business success?

How to create a stylish and high quality website that will meet your needs? Will a single big image up front be ok for starters? Or rather a few smaller windows? Which technology will be the best for your business activity? What should be done to remain mainstream and stand out at the same time? At PLUM we start with a fundamental ‘Why’ question that will help us understand whether you are into creating your image or rather interested in money influx. Your main business goal is the most important.


First in Megapanel, most successful in the market

We have a solution for you. We create well thought-over websites. We remember about the artistic aspect all the time, at each level of realization. We know that the website must appeal and enchant. We guarantee that the effects of our work will be visually attractive and at the same time functional, well designed, orderly and user friendly. The website will make your portfolio complete and help you realize your business goals. It is not by accident that our motto goes: “our client’s success is our success”.


Websites (WordPress, Django, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento)

We implement websites according to the technology you choose. We will provide you with a solution that will fit in with your needs and requirements. You need an image endorsement site? Open, fantastically well-developed WordPress might be ideal. A shop may rather require Magento with proper templates. Joomla? Django? We never fear anything.

Responsive websites

Modern companies should have websites that are compatible with all types of devices. Some of your clients will be looking for you using a PC or laptop, others in a smartphone, some others still will be doing their search by means of a tablet. All of them should be able to get to the right place and find the informations they have been looking for. Thanks to the RWD technology that helps websites recognize the type of client and adapt to his technical capabilities, you will get the required effect.

Online portals

We have extensive knowledge in creating online portals, both specialist, professional ones and general. According to your goals and strategy, we will create a solution that will help you build up coverage or reach a well-defined target group fast and easy. Our experts have produced portals that grew by hundreds per cent annually!

Facebook applications

Would you like to stir your community? Would you like to get to know people who have liked your fanpage? We will create an application that will allow you to learn about their preferences, to reach them and their friends, to help them contact you with ease. You may have them think of your brand constantly thanks to playful competition – on Facebook.

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