Implementation – Websites and mobile applications

In your pocket you carry a mobile. You cell phone is your online browser, navigation, call centre and image storage. Your clients carry on the same reality. Have you taken this opportunity to earn more?
  • Na świecie jest używanych 3,5 miliarda szczoteczek do zębów. I 5 miliardów komórek.


How to make yourself visible in the mobile world without spending thousands?

Everybody carries with them at least one mobile phone. Your clients as well. How to make their mobile the tool to reach you? What to do to get them to choose you rather than the competition? How to plan your presence in the world of mobiles so that it fetches fast and strong profit? Our experience at PLUM with B2B and B2C projects so far makes us know the answers.


One interaction mode – three effective approaches

Portable devices’ nature means that they are used in a variety of ways. Tablets function as PC replacement and are switched on mostly in the evenings. Mobile phones on the other hand work all day long switching from function to function – they help as passive content receivers, support as search engines.
Depending on your clients’ needs PLUM will suggest you the right product. It may be a mobile website designed for basic needs of the simplest devices. It might be an RWD site adapting itself automatically to the screen size (be it a smart-phone or a tablet). It could finally be a mobile application operating quietly in the background.


Mobile sites

Mobile sites are those websites that have been designed to fit in with the capabilities of the simplest cell phones. They usually function separately from big, rich, desktop type websites. Our architecture will make them answer your clients’ questions fast.

RWD sites

RWD sites mean 3 in 1. They adapt to the screen size (smart-phone, tablet, computer) while maintaining uniform the visual identity and as similar as possible the organizational structure of content. An ideal solution in a fast changing world of portable devices and growing screen sizes and definitions.

Mobile applications: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Applications that we design are a state of the art equivalent of newsletters. They silently accompany the client. They may remind them of the fact that the car requires seasonal AC test. Or that your shop is running a promotion of 10 % discount on all stock. That your company is undergoing a major, revolutionary change for the benefit of your clients and that with a single button they may access a consultant within 15 seconds.

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