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What hosting to recommend that has the best value for its money?

How to match a machine with the service so that we do not pay too much? Is there in Poland hosting that is both cheap and good? Which services are being censored by Google? Which hosting providers catch clients unawares using ostensibly free service bait? Is there a Polish hosting company that does not hire space from other providers, keeping clients in the dark of the fact? We have checked it all and we know the answers.


Cheap, good and most secure in Poland.

PLUM has many years of experience in hosting services counseling, online infrastructure maintenance and making websites secure. We co-operate with leaders in hosting and collocation market in Poland (ATMAN) and abroad (AmazonS3). You need proof? The service we designed and produced proved immune to hacking attacks during anti ACTA protests in 2012.



Cache proxy may be another level of acceleration. It enables system efficiency increase up to 50K hits a minute (assessed in practice with, serviced by a dedicated server structure).

Making resources virtual

We are experienced in optimizing and enhancing effectiveness. Depending on demand we implement script cache, which in turn enables enhancement of system efficiency up to 5K hits a minute (tested in practice at operated by a separate Virtual Private Server).

Monitoring website functioning

Our websites are monitored at all levels: from access point through server to the quality of website activity and users’ suggestions. We work in the 24/7/365 mode and we measure our reaction to a problem using a stopper in a matter of seconds. Our competition needs hours.

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