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Our extensive experience in DTP dramatically improves our skill in constructing clear and legible publications. We know how to transfer the style of a paper magazine online and the other way round. Your clients’ reactions will come to you as a surprise. Just let us know what your target group is.
  • Papierowe pismo, które będzie przypominać aplikację w iPhonie? Zrobimy!


How to effectively use the form to take care of the image? Since we purchase with our hearts, what should the graphic design, fonts and colours be like to stick to each customer?


Centuries of knowledge and current trends combined bring about spectacular effects.

When we design websites we go in line with up-to-date trends and tendencies. We also adhere to classical principles of composition that have been in use since ancient times, though, while designing each project. Our projects match the style of each brand, meet the clients’ needs and comply with their strategic goals. We identify with our projects, we boas and brag about them whenever we can.



You may most easily judge our work by infographics. They are small in size modern works of art in typesetting that combine text, typography, skillful choice of information and artful visualization within a small area.

Typesetting and preparing material for production

We use original data at inlet as raw material for ready-for-print or ready-for-publication files. We crop illustrations, carefully choose fonts, scale and purchase photos. Each effect of PLUM work is sealed with quality control label.

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