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Our skills and commitment are only part of the success. Our experience as educators is the remaining part. We are passionate organizers of trainings and coachings, we will gladly prepare ones for you so that you may be armed for the coming difficulties and unexpected changes.
  • W walce chodzi o zwycięstwo, nie o upór.

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How to plan carefully expenditure of both money and strength while building up e-commerce? How to stay in tune with marketing developments and make use of this knowledge in practice? Which experts are credible and who is better to be avoided? How to react in the face of a real threat to our business? How to fight competition effectively? We will show you it all.


Our trainings are extremely popular with and among our clients and we are constantly criticized by competition as we supposedly give away the tricks of the trade. Our experts teach proper online communication, effective marketing techniques, the right methods of running e-commerce. We may also let you know of the arcane side of Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google AdSense, remarketing…
You name it, you have it.

ROI of e-marketing (2h)

It is worth measuring the benefits of investing in Internet. We often hear that a website is important for the image, but we rarely think of making use of facts and figures that will tell us of the benefits of developing online activity. How to optimize online activity so that it becomes profitable? During the sessions, we bring answers to the following questions:

  • How much do we spend per website user?
  • How to choose between banners, AdWords or positioning?
  • How to understand the main objectives of the users’ visits and their distribution?
  • Which fetches more profit – a hoarding in the street or an online banner?

Some of our participants: CCIFP, Carrefour Polska

Online trends in marketing and PR (4h)

Computers are no longer the driving force behind network development. They have been replaced by humans. The user has become the co-creator of online content, taking part in creating and sorting out online information. During the session we will show how to make use of Web 2.0 in marketing and PR. To keep pace with galloping civilization, constant learning is a must. Fortunately, Web 2.0 comes with assistance and thanks to free of charge tools we may be up to date.

Some of our Clients: CCIFP, BPCC

Running online projects (6h)

How long a project may take? What competences do we need to create an efficient website? Running online projects is a complex process created both by the provider and the client. Those in charge of the project know of the website creation standards, are in touch with provider, have a clear vision of what they want. The very cooperation is at the heart of the project quality. Our training provides know-how in all spheres of website creation. Our successful participants become partners when it comes to technicalities and competent clients with a clear vision of what they expect of a website.

Some of our clients: Mostostal Warszawa, Totalizator Sportowy, Orange.

E-commerce – Veni, Vidi, Vici (2h)

How to help the user in becoming a buyer ?

More and more B2B and B2C activity is transferred online. It requires a change in habits not only in salespeople but also in buyers. Online success is secured when consumer’s needs from the real world are translated into online interaction. We will clarify:

  • What is important in creating first impression of a shop?
  • What are the factors influencing clients confidence in the shop?
  • Why do clients resign from filling in the basket?

How to measure e-commerce effectiveness with Google Analytics?

Workshops: methods of searching for online information (2h)

Do you know how to ask Google a question to get a satisfactory answer? Understanding the rules governing online world gives you competitive edge. The question is not whether there is information we need but how to get access to it so that it is up to date, relevant and succinct. Google provides a whole range of searching tools that are unknown to an average user. Quite often the right tool means the right question.

Moreover Google suggests dedicated tools for searching through press releases, economic information, books, geographical and visual info and the like. Thanks to Google language barriers ceased to exist. We may seek info in dozens of languages.

In the agenda:

  • Finding information in Google
  • Google gimmicks
  • Language tools
  • Advanced Google tools

Some of our clients: Infor, CCFIP (French-Polish Chamber of Commerce)

Do you know how to get to information ahead of competition?

Workshops: monitoring the market methods (2h)

We will give you a hint on: how to effectively use Internet as an information source, how to get knowledge in the field of our interest, how to learn about our company and competition, how to create the XXI th century PR position.

Instead of visiting the same old websites or ask Google repeatedly for the same things, the monitoring process may be automated. Google will tell us by itself what is new in the press or online. We may also check trends and online users’ behaviors, what they ask for and how often they do it.

Some of our clients: Infor S.A

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