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Content marketing means creating content that is sales effective. The content should well describe your product and take care of your image in your clients’ eyes. Our creative team will put together image, text and sound and ostensibly boring data will become appealing to the eye.
  • „Content is king”. Od czasu, gdy w 1996 roku powiedział to najbogatszy człowiek świata – nic się nie zmieniło.


Does effective dialogue with the client require an army of advisors?

How to talk with a client to convince him that your product is the best? Which medium to use to this end? How to provide technical support to former clients and not waste time in the process? Does technical support need to be so costly? How to take care of effective PR on one’s own and make it endorse product advertising?


Enter a dialogue with your client and build a relationship

Media advertising builds a relationship with the client quite quickly, but this relationship usually does not last long. Content marketing on the other hand is all about slow but long-lasting relationship build-up strategy. Content may be part of technical support, product promotion or image endorsement campaign. Well planned, concrete content that is created at PLUM in the process supervised by experienced editors and publishers may be used extensively at various occasions. You may publish it online, as promotional brochures, in an application or a file.


Working out blog publications and content

We will run a corporate blog for you under any brand name. We may become a well-to-do grown-up male or a female teenager looking for make-up inspiration. It is no problem for us to write a manual or an article that may be published in any newspaper or magazine.

Preparing product and description bases

Implementations that we have been running for our clients make our experience with product bases unique in the market. We know how to prepare and manage them to save you time. We adapt bottom-lines to assortment. We work with the product path in such a way as to avoid common errors resulting in hindrances and bottlenecks.

Managing photographic sessions

We prepare photographic sessions for specific assortment types. We realize packshots in a way that will match the client’s experience with real life product (lighting, shooting angle, etc). We care for quality and bear in mind guidelines of printing industry companies.

Wide-screen presentation and film production

We have realized educational films on demand from screenplay stage to postproduction. We have done instant campaigns to full client’s satisfaction. We match message with medium and Commissioner’s needs to realize their business goals and targets.

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